Commercial Out of School Club

Summer holiday club programme 2023

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Monday Team games
Snack: Croissants
Slime making
Snack: Frozen banana lollies
Tuesday Czech Summer baking
Snack: Yogurt & fruit
Czech obstacle course
Snack: Pasta with ham, tuna, or cheese
Wednesday Trip to the Public Park
Snack: Oatcakes & cheese
Movie afternoon
Snack: Popcorn
Thursday Tree painting
Snack: Jelly
Scavenger hunt
Snack: Homemade soup & crusty bread
Friday Bug hunting
Snack: Toast & spread
Stone painting
Snack: Fire pit/BBQ snack tbc

Monday Trip to the woods
Snack: Snack bags
Create your own board game
Snack: Beans on toast
Tuesday Nature painting
Snack: Crackers & cheese
Making playdoh
Snack: Veg/bread sticks & dip
Wednesday Summer crafts
Snack: Homemade apple flap jacks
Outdoor chalking
Snack: Fruit cones
Thursday Trip day to Dalkeith Country Park
Snack: Snack bags
Trip day to Dalkeith Country Park
Snack: Snack bags
Friday Make a wind chime
Snack: Pancakes
Home made bowling
Snack: Fruit kebabs & yogurt

Monday Closed Closed
Tuesday Walk to Andrew Carnegie Birthplace
Snack: Snack bags
Team games (rounders)
Snack: Pizza wraps
Wednesday Parachute games
Snack: Bagels & spread
Outdoors den building
Snack: Custard & banana
Thursday Make musical instruments
Snack: Cereal or overnight oats & fruit
Commercial OOSC music festival
Snack: BBQ (tbc)
Friday Sports day games
Snack: Fruit smoothies & rice cakes
Sports day races
Snack: Create your own sandwich

Monday Paper mache masks
Snack: Pancakes
Make lava lamps
Snack: Scrambled egg on toast
Tuesday Game show quiz
Snack: Fruit cones
Bracelet making
Snack: Pizza wraps
Wednesday Show & tell
Snack: Crackers & dip
String painting
Snack: Veg/bread sticks & dip
Thursday Splatter painting
Snack: Rice cakes & fruit
Make sun catchers
Snack: Homemade nachos
Friday Dream catcher making
Snack: Custard & fruit
Mindful Friday
Snack: Tomato soup & fruit

Monday Tie die t-shirts (bring your own top)
Snack: Snack a Jacks
A variety of science experiments
Snack: Create your own toastie
Tuesday Trip day to Conifox
Snack: Snack bags
Trip day to Conifox
Snack: Snack bags
Wednesday Bubble wrap painting
Snack: Cereal or overnight oats
Beach theme afternoon
Snack: Seaside picnic
Thursday Junk modelling
Snack: Croissants
Public Park trip
Snack: Snack bags
Friday Group games
Snack: Fruit salad
Rock painting
Snack: Noodles with curry or sweet & sour sauce

Monday Loaf & scone baking
Snack: Pancakes
Ink marbling
Snack: Filled wraps with salad
Tuesday Planting
Snack: Jelly & fruit
Nature trail around the school & woods
Snack: Snack bags
Wednesday Origami
Snack: Toast & egg
Puppet making
Snack: Create your own pasta
Thursday Outdoor team building
Snack: Baked oats
Water balloon games (only if weather is ok)
Snack: Fruit salad & homemade ice lollies
Friday Slime making
Snack: Custard
Sunset art
Snack: Toast & spaghetti

MondayBubble making & art
Snack: Yogurt & fruit
Bath bomb making
Snack: Create your own pizza
TuesdayMovie morning
Snack: Popcorn
Afternoon outdoors games, den building etc
Snack: Outdoor picnic

Commercial Out of School Club
Commercial Primary School
Woodmill Road
KY11 4BB

Opening hours

Breakfast club
7.45 - 9am
£5.35 per session

After school club
3 - 6pm
£12.85 per session

Holiday club
Full day 7.45am - 6pm, £25 
Half day 7.45am - 12.45pm / 12.45 - 6pm, £13

Contact us

tel: 07515 189441

To book contact the Childcare Manager:
Kelly Francis

tel: 07518 299555