About us

Fife Council provides out of school child care at many locations across Fife. There are 51 Out of School Clubs (OOSCs) and you should be able to find one near you at Find a club.

We provide high quality childcare that ensures your children are kept safe and engaged in play and activities while you are working, accessing training for work, or attending further education.

Most of the children we care for are primary school aged, however we also have additional services to support children with special needs catering for children and young people up to the age of 18.

Supported by our teams of skilled and qualified staff we provide a wide range of spontaneous and planned activities designed to stimulate your children and let them have fun.

For further information about individual Out of School Clubs, including their opening times, costs and location, visit Find a club.

To see the work we do, why not follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/FifeOOSC