Holiday clubs

Summer holiday booking form, closing date Friday 7 June 2024

Our holiday clubs provide childcare during school holidays and in-service days and are open from 7.45am - 6pm. Children can take part in a wide range of activities, and receive a healthy breakfast, morning snack and afternoon snack. If your child is attending over lunchtime, please give them a packed lunch to bring along.

Some points to help you enjoy your experience
  1. Please come equipped for play in all weather. We will be outside playing even if it is raining so please remember your raincoat and wear waterproof shoes you can run about in.
  2. We will need to keep some windows open for ventilation so bring a jumper to keep cosy.
  3. Don’t wear your best clothes. We know you want to look cool but there will be messy play so you don’t want to mess up your best clothes and you will be outside. It’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes in case the ones you are wearing get wet or messy.
  4. You can have breakfast when you arrive, snack will be at 10am. Lunch is at 12.30pm so please bring a packed lunch and a drink. Afternoon snack will be at 3.15pm.
  5. Remember a water bottle - running around and playing can be thirsty work.
  6. We have listed the main activities for the day in the programme but there will be lots of other things to do. The programme may change on the day depending on circumstances and what everyone wants to do!
  7. Let us know if you are having fun - write a comment in the diary. Any ideas for next holidays?

Holiday clubs are available at the following locations: