Dalgety Bay Out of School Club

Summer holiday club programme 2023

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Monday Create pirate props: swords, bandana’s & eye patches
Snack: Treasure coin toast with honey
Outdoor water painting, create pirate treasure sensory box
Snack: Cannon balls & rigging (cheese & spaghetti)
Tuesday Make treasure maps
Snack: Jelly
Games: walk the plank, captain’s orders, shark attack, octopus
Snack: Veg coins with dip & breadsticks
Wednesday Frozen treasure: excavate treasure from solid ice block, junk model a large pirate boat
Snack: Polly’s crackers & cheese
Make Polly parrots, water balloon target
Snack: The sea in a bowl (blue custard)
Thursday Trip to beach to look for ‘message in a bottle’, create treasure to fill treasure chest
Snack: Fruit swords (fruit kebabs)
Quesadilla pirate map snacks, pirate puzzle sheets
Snack: Quesadilla maps
Friday Origami pirate ships - who floats the longest…?, make pretzels ‘bones’
Snack: Cereal
Water fight, film: ‘The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientist’
Snack: Popcorn

Monday Small world tuft tray
Snack: Crocodile teeth (tortillas & salsa)
Animal puppets
Snack: Hotdogs
Tuesday Baking animal biscuits
Snack: Fruit kebabs & yogurt dip
Animal masks / headdress
Snack: Safari snacks (breadsticks & dip)
Wednesday Trip day - Blair Drummond
Snack: Snack bag
Trip day - Blair Drummond
Snack: Snack bag
Thursday Bear hunt woods
Snack: Bear pancakes
Make your own habitat
Snack: Teddy bear’s picnic
Friday My favourite animal is…? (paint & draw)
Snack: Trail mix (cereal)
Movie afternoon - Madagascar
Snack: Lion’s mouths (pitta & salad)

Monday Closed Closed
Tuesday Outdoor graffiti art
Snack: Toast & beans
Parachute games
Snack: Outdoor picnic
Wednesday Highland games: toss the welly, haggis & spoon race
Snack: Fire pit (mini breadsticks & cheese)
Three-legged race, tug of war
Snack: Yogurt
Thursday Beach walk, building sandcastles
Snack: Snack bag
Planting our own garden
Snack: Pizza wrap
Friday Outdoor team games
Snack: Crumpets with jam/honey
Park walk with afternoon snack in the park
Snack: Snack bag

Monday Musical decorations for the hall
Snack: Ham cheese apple sticks
Decorate the hall
Snack: Flapjack base clefs
Tuesday Instrument making
Snack: Yogurt
Body percussion
Snack: Treble sandwiches
Wednesday Xylophone sponge (baking morning)
Snack: Wiggle wiggle jelly
Water xylophones
Snack: Microphone cones (fruit cones)
Thursday Show costume design / props
Snack: Drumsticks with veg & dip
Talent show
Snack: Musical melody
Friday Drum painting / painting to music
Snack: Record bagels
Musical obstacle course
Snack: Ice lollies

Monday Junk model creatures
Snack: Dragon claws (tortilla chips & dip)
Pipe cleaner dragons, handprint paint, unicorn pictures
Snack: Jelly with edible glitter
Tuesday Toilet roll unicorns, make clay mythical creatures
Snack: Pancake creature faces
Mermaid footprint pictures, mermaid slime
Snack: Mermaid pasta (shell shaped pasta)
Wednesday Create mythical creature sock puppets
Snack: Unicorn horn fruit cones
Cotton wool ball Yeti, unicorn fairy cakes
Snack: Pheonix flames (Korma sauce & naan bread)
Thursday Trip day - Conifox Adventure Park
Snack: Snack bag
Trip day - Conifox Adventure Park
Snack: Snack bag
Friday Paper cone dragons, paint clay creatures
Snack: Filled creature croissant
Become a creature! (hair chalk, face painting)
Snack: Yeti’s breakfast (Shreddies with raisins & blue smarties)

Monday Design & make a fayre game
Snack: Pancakes
‘Trip to the fayre’ (playing each other’s games)
Snack: Hook a duck (Soup with a duck shaped bread piece)
Tuesday Design & make mini golf hole
Snack: Golf course Jelly
Play golf
Snack: Tomato pasta
Wednesday Design a car
Snack: Fruity cars (fruit kebabs & custard)
Drive in movie (junk cars)
Snack: Car pizza breads
Thursday Beach walk
Snack: Anchor veg platter
Beach crafts & art
Snack: Crab bagels
Friday Design your own t-shirt
Snack: Crackers & cheese
Shorts & shades disco
Snack: Party snacks

Monday Cloud dough, shaving foam slime
Snack: Strawberry smoothie
Gloop, finger painting, bubbles outdoors
Snack: Ham/tuna/cheese wraps
Tuesday Make your own portrait!
Snack: Crackers & soft cheese
Wall mural, paper cut art, 3D sculptures
Snack: Fruit pizza

Dalgety Bay Out of School Club
Dalgety Bay Primary School
St Bridgets Brae
Dalgety Bay
KY11 9LT

Opening hours

Breakfast club
7.45 - 9am
£5.35 per session

After school club
3 - 6pm
£12.85 per session

Holiday club
Full day 7.45am - 6pm, £25 
Half day 7.45am - 12.45pm / 12.45 - 6pm, £13

Contact us

tel: 07515 189434
email: DalgetyBay.OOSC@fife.gov.uk

To book contact the Childcare Manager:
Marta Zukowska

tel: 07738 263867
email: Marta.Zukowska@fife.gov.uk