Kelty Out of School Club

Summer holiday club programme 2023

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Monday Make a superhero mask & cape
Snack: Super fruit salad & pancakes
Escape rooms superheroes vs villains
Snack: Super scrambled egg
Tuesday What are your superpowers? Show and tell your powers
Snack: Yogurt & fruit
Make your own superpower Top Trumps
Snack: Chicken & cheese wraps
Wednesday Superheroes corners game, make super-soup
Snack: Crumpets & fruit
Superhero wordsearch & colouring sheets
Snack: Homemade soup
Thursday Make superhero cuffs
Snack: Crackers & cheese
Trip to park
Snack: Snack-a-jacks
Friday Make a superhero empire biscuit (to takeaway)
Snack: Scone & jam
Popcorn making, fantasy film on the big screen
Snack: Popcorn & fruit

Monday Space - build and do astronaut training assault course
Snack: Moon crackers (rice crackers)
Make rockets, imagine you can travel to space
Snack: Rocket shaped fruit kebabs
Tuesday Time - junk art, team challenge, build a time machine
Snack: Pancakes - can you turn it into a clock?
Travel into the future, what will you look like? Painting & dress up
Snack: Soup (it’s timeless)
Wednesday Trip - Conifox
Snack: Snack bag
Snack: Snack bag
Thursday Transport - paper aeroplane making & flying contest
Snack: Yogurt & fruit
Build a boat, will it sink or float?
Snack: Bagel boats
Friday Holidays - make flag bunting! Splash around at the paddling pool
Snack: Sandwiches
Mini sandcastle contest in the sand pit
Snack: Frozen fruit ice cream

Monday Closed Closed
Tuesday Pirates Day! Ahoy! - be a pirate for the day! Make a pirate hat & eye patch
Snack: Tropical treasure island fruit
Make a treasure map and go on a pirate’s treasure hunt
Snack: Mermaid bark (swirled pink & purple frozen yogurt)
Wednesday Under the sea - get wet if you dare! Paddling pool & sprinkler fun!
Snack: Crabby croissants
Ice breaker: what sea creatures can you find in our glacier? Make a 3-D jellyfish
Snack: Jelly (fish) & fruit
Thursday Get crafty - salt dough sea creatures
Snack: Shark fin tortilla chips & dips
Paint your sea-salt creations
Snack: Sea salt crackers & cheese
Friday Fishy Friday - create your own paper plate fish mask
Snack: Tuna & cheese sandwiches
Wear your mask & have a fish parade
Snack: Biscuits & sea shake

Monday Get ready - set up the BIG TOP, den building
Snack: Crumpets & fruit
Festival hat making, hair braiding
Snack: Filled wraps
Tuesday Open mic day - make microphones & props for your performance
Snack: Fruit cones
Take to the stage & tell your best joke or sing a song
Snack: ‘It’s a cracker’ & cheese
Wednesday Circus skills - face painting, photo booth
Snack: Clown face pizza
Run away with the circus, have a go at juggling, balancing & hula hooping
Snack: Make your own popcorn & fruit
Thursday World festival day Brazil - Rio Carnival, mask & head-dress making
Snack: Brazilian cheese bread balls
Dress up & join in the fun of the parade
Snack: Amazon rainforest fruits, watermelon, coconut, mango, bananas
Friday World festival day India - design & make a fancy kite
Snack: Poppadum, veg sticks & mango chutney
Kite flying contest
Snack: Indian feast

Monday Mini beasts search & find
Snack: Scrambled egg on toast
Decorate your own mini beast biscuit (Oreos)
Snack: Mini beast biscuit & fruit
Tuesday Make your own animal masks
Snack: (Cow) pancakes
Animal team quiz
Snack: Tomato soup and Tiger bread
Wednesday Trip - The Scottish Deer Centre
Snack: Snack bag
Trip - The Scottish Deer Centre
Snack: Snack bag
Thursday Animal wordsearch
Snack: Pom Bears & jelly
Pin the tail on the donkey team game
Snack: Beans on toads
Friday Make clay hedgehogs
Snack: Veg & dip
Relax and watch an animal movie
Snack: Popcorn & milkshake

Monday Leaf pictures
Snack: Crackers & cheese with leafy lettuce & cucumber
Picnic snack at the park
Snack: Quiche, frube & fruit
Tuesday Outdoor tie dying natural vs chemical
Snack: Angel Delight
Clay craft (animals, nature)
Snack: Spaghetti hoops on toast
Wednesday Make your own tree, painting & imprinting
Snack: Fruit cones
Make leaf & flower shaped biscuits
Snack: Leaf biscuits & milk
Thursday Make nature themed treasure hunt
Snack: Make your own bagel pizza
Go on treasure hunt at Quarry Park
Snack: Cereal
Friday Walk to the park, outdoor drawing/ crayon rubbings
Snack: Rice crackers & fruit
Make smores on the BBQ
Snack: Smores & fruit

Monday Make bird feeders
Snack: Custard & biscuits
Paper bag puppets
Snack: Mini wraps & fillings
Tuesday Pebble painting
Snack: Macaroni cheese
Movie afternoon
Snack: Popcorn & fruit

Kelty Out of School Club
Kelty Community Centre
92 Main Street

Opening hours

Breakfast club
7.45 - 9am
£5.35 per session

After school club
3 - 6pm
£12.85 per session

Holiday club
Full day 7.45am - 6pm, £25 
Half day 7.45am - 12.45pm / 12.45 - 6pm, £13

Contact us

tel: 07850 950498

To book contact the Childcare Manager:
Calvyn Simpson
:07759 719235