Southwood Out of School Club

Summer holiday club programme 2023

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Monday Make your own dough
Snack: Cereal, toast
Dough disco
Snack: Pancakes
Tuesday Water beads
Snack: Fruit, yogurt
Water play
Snack: Crackers & cheese
Wednesday Silky dough time
Snack: Cereal, toast
Foam party
Snack: Veg & dips
Thursday Jewellery making
Snack: Rice cakes
Movie madness
Snack: Popcorn
Friday Make you own Kinetic sand
Snack: Fruit, yogurt
Fun with gloop
Snack: Sandwiches

Monday Chalk art in the playground
Snack: Toast & jam
Graffiti art wall
Snack: Fruit salad
Tuesday How to draw along…
Snack: Yogurt & fruit
Paint with mud & sticks
Snack: Salad wraps
Wednesday Conifox Park
Snack: Cereal bars
Conifox Park
Snack: Crisps
Thursday Outdoor collecting nature supplies
Snack: Crumpets
Nature art attack
Snack: Pasta & sauce
Friday Junk model challenge
Snack: Crackers & cheese
Self portrait
Snack: Jelly/custard

Monday Closed Closed
Tuesday Den building in the woods
Snack: Fruit platter
Camping & fire pit
Snack: Toasted mallows in the fire pit
Wednesday Orienteering & make your own biscuit
Snack: Toast, fruit
Walk to Riverside Park
Snack: Iced biscuit
Thursday Playground games
Snack: Malt loaf
Team sports in hall/field
Snack: Bagels
Friday Nature walk
Snack: Cereal
Outdoor art
Snack: Noodles

Monday Decorate a plant pot
Snack: Melon & pineapple
Plant your own seeds
Snack: Ploughman lunch
Tuesday Make your own dream catcher
Snack: Porridge oats & berries
Fun with mud
Snack: Homemade nacho crisps
Wednesday Bird spotting in the woods
Snack: Eggy bread
Make bird feeders
Snack: Sweet potato & dip
Thursday Bug hunting
Snack: Crackers
Make a bug hotel
Snack: Fruit kebab
Friday Bird & bug quiz
Snack: Croissant
Draw your own bug or bird
Snack: Bird nest

Monday Animal wall art
Snack: Toast
Animal masks
Snack: Pasta
Tuesday Walk to Riverside Park
Snack: Fruit smoothie
Teddy bear picnic
Snack: Wraps
Wednesday Create your prefect pet
Snack: Watermelon
Baking challenge
Snack: Veg & dip
Thursday Camperdown Park Dundee
Snack: Pancakes
Camperdown Park Dundee
Snack: Waffles & berries
Friday Jungle on fire tig
Snack: Cereal
Junk animal art
Snack: Animal biscuit

Monday Make your own Pokémon/ Disney ball
Snack: Ryvita thins
Make your own Pokémon/ Disney cards
Snack: Pin wheels
Tuesday Draw along Pokémon/ Disney
Snack: Crumpets
Make your own Pokémon/ Disney scene
Snack: Fruit pudding
Wednesday Create your own board game
Snack: Omelette
Pokémon/ Disney go hunt
Snack: Homemade sausage rolls
Thursday Create movie props
Snack: Fruit & yogurt
Watch a Pokémon/ Disney movie
Snack: Nachos & cheese
Friday Fancy dress party
Snack: Toast
Pokémon/ Disney show
Snack: Mishmash Friday

Monday Create your own potion
Snack: Pancakes
Make rainbow jar
Snack: Beans on toast
Tuesday Balloon chemistry
Snack: Crackers
Sink-float experiments
Snack: Home baking

Southwood Out of School Club
Southwood Primary School
Marchmount Crescent

Opening hours

After school club
3 - 6pm
£12.85 per session

Holiday club
Full day 7.45am - 6pm, £25 
Half day 7.45am - 12.45pm / 12.45 - 6pm, £13

Contact us

tel: 07515 189485

To book contact the Childcare Manager:
Cathy Hammond

tel: 07850 213138