Culross Out of School Club

Summer holiday club programme 2023

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Monday Make a whirligig
Snack: Kebab rockets
Squirt gun painting/sock bubbles
Snack: Planet pancakes
Tuesday Make a rocket/hovercraft
Snack: Star constellations with fruit
Earthquake towers / cloud dough
Snack: Proton pizza
Wednesday Dip dye flowers
Snack: Meteor cereal
Lava mamps/martian marshmallows
Snack: Petri dish jelly & marshmallow martians
Thursday Exploding lunchbag
Snack: Alien fruit tray
Mento coke experiment
Snack: Pesto pasta
Friday Planet corners
Snack: Veg rockets with the big dip(pers)
DIY bouncy balls
Snack: Planet sandwiches with moon cheese

Monday Dino corners/tig
Snack: Forage food
Dig for dinosaurs
Snack: Dino pasta
Tuesday Dinosaur hunt
Snack: Dino cereal
Make a volcano
Snack: Monster Munch & dips
Wednesday Keep off the lava!!!
Snack: Dino sandwiches
Make a fossil
Snack: Stego spikes (watermelon) & swamp jelly
Thursday Cave man building
Snack: Herbivore food & dips
Water balloon meteor shower
Snack: Homemade dino pizza pockets
Friday Dino feet race
Snack: Dino kebabs
Skeletons/paper plate dino art
Snack: Dino BBQ

Monday ClosedClosed
Tuesday Making masks/outfits
Snack: Boulders cereal & fruit
Superhero rock painting
Snack: Cowabunga pizza pockets
Wednesday Laser quest
Snack: Superhero fruit cup
Rapunzel hair braiding, superhero face painting
Snack: Muscle fuel (pasta)
Thursday Make superhero sticks
Snack: Crusty bread & soup
Wake the sleeping princess (or not…)
Snack: Captain America fruit flan
Friday Make superhero hands
Snack: Capes (crepes)
Elsa wand/princess mirror, superhero cuffs, laser quest
Snack: Princess/superhero tea party

Monday Minecraft junk modelling
Snack: Donkey Kong bananas & cereal
Laser quest
Snack: Super Mario power up veg
Tuesday Hama beads
Snack: Pokemon fruit platter
Human Hungry Hippos
Snack: Lego sandwiches
Wednesday Design an Emoji arts & crafts
Snack: Minecraft crackers & cheese
Make a BB8/Yoda/Chewbacca
Snack: Marshmallow cereal bars
Thursday Human Pac Man
Snack: Pac Man melon
Pick up straw game
Snack: R2D2 pizzas
Friday Gaming corners
Snack: Roblox toasties
Make Princess Zelda Unicorn
Snack: May the fruit be with you platters

Monday Design a football stripe
Snack: Breakfast fuel
Hut hut football hike
Snack: Fruit balls
Tuesday Shoe box football, ice skating scene
Snack: Fruit smoothie
Water balloon tennis
Snack: Pitta bread pizza
Wednesday Make medals/trophys
Snack: Fruit loaf/bagels
Pom pom shooters, tissue paper pompoms
Snack: Veg & dips
Thursday DIY Foam fingers & mini megaphones
Snack: Fruit kebabs
Sports day
Snack: BBQ
Friday Chalk bullseye
Snack: Granola & yoghurt layers
Make sports banners, paper plate frisbees
Snack: Muscle fuel (pasta)

Monday Octopus art
Snack: Fruit cones
Friendship bracelets, hair braiding, football
Snack: Shell pasta & sauce
Tuesday Sea shell art & craft, rainbow window catchers
Snack: Melon turtle
Beach party, face paints
Snack: Beach jelly, picnic
Wednesday Cloud dough, crab art & craft
Snack: Beach boulders cereal
Beach talent show
Snack: Crabby croissants
Thursday Squid Windsock
Snack: Starfish sandwiches
Tie dye bandanas
Snack: Banana lollies
Friday Festival arts & crafts
Snack: Beach balls & dips
Water balloon pinatas
Snack: BBQ

Monday Spa morning, friendship bracelets
Snack: Cereals & milkshake
Keep cool fans
Snack: Smiley face pizzas
Tuesday Cloud dough
Snack: Fruit cones
Water fight & end of holiday party
Snack: Pick & mix

Culross Out of School Club
Culross Primary School
Low Causeway
KY12 8HL

Opening hours

After school club
3 - 6pm
£12.85 per session

Holiday club
Full day 7.45am - 6pm, £25 
Half day 7.45am - 12.45pm / 12.45 - 6pm, £13

Contact us

tel: 07872 424629

To book contact the Childcare Manager:
Julie Clarke

tel: 07850 213152